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Prolapse Terminology - Simplified!



We're simplifying the sometimes overwhelming and confusing terms surrounding Pelvic Organ Prolapse, and we're helping you connect the dots between what it is and how it feels.

Even if you don't like medical language, this is for YOU!

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Stop the Back & Hip Pain 'Diagnosis Dance,' & Get to the Root Cause



First things first - don't miss your chance for free instant access to the #1 simple move that FEELS SO GOOD & provides FAST back & hip relief - right now, from the comfort (or chaos) of your own home!  Sounds good, right?!  Just click that button!



The answer to finding relief that lasts for your back or hip issues is to get to the root cause!

This is for you if you've had:

- Sciatica

- Piriformis Syndrome

- Bursitis

- SI Joint Pain

- IT Band Syndrome

- Sacroiliitis

And it's really for you if you'd like to stop relying on a series of 'spot treatments' like pills or injections and instead get rid of it for good - so you can get back to doing *all the things* again, without being held back by flare-ups.

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What Your OB Isn't Telling You - About Your 'Mom Belly'



First things first!  Click the button below for instant access to your guide to: 1 correctly check yourself for a DR, and 2 learn how to close it. 

You'll get: professional teaching videos PLUS printable cheat sheets with pictures and instructions to walk you through it!


Christina here! ‍ Did I ever tell you about the time after I had my first baby? I was back in my midwife's office for my 6 week check-up. And I was SO excited and impressed when she toootally checked me for a DR! (DR = diastasis recti, or separation of the abdominals)

But then... she poked up and down my belly and said I didn't have one. Ok that's great, right?! Only when I went home and checked myself it turns out I definitely DID have one!

And the thing is, I'm so not alone with this story. The women who work with us learn to correctly check themselves for a DR (and you can today, too! ), and we often hear 1 of 2 things from them:

1 "I can't believe nobody ever...

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What Your OB Isn't Telling You - Are You Being Examined Properly?



‍ Have you just assumed that you are screened for prolapse at your OB appointments? Well, news flash - you're not!

‍ There is NO standardized screening protocol for prolapse, which is a BIG gap in care for all women.

And on top of that, even if you are being checked for it, you may have been examined incorrectly.

Listen in or read on, we can explain...

Ok ladies this one is going to possibly shock you a bit... We're continuing our series about the gap in the healthcare system that leaves many women dealing with pain, discomfort, and frustration when it comes to problems with our back, hips, & lady parts.

Today we want to discuss how you should be examined for pelvic organ prolapse if you are dealing with feelings of pressure or heaviness in your abdomen, vagina, or rectum. Most women - especially if you are going to your OB/GYN, are being examined INCORRECTLY.

Are you ready? You should NOT be examined for this laying on your back. Think for a minute about...

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What Your OB Isn't Telling You - About Groin & Inner Thigh Pain


*** Groin and Inner Thigh Pain during or after pregnancy is directly related to pelvic floor health.  Thankfully there are some simple, holistic steps you can start taking today to take care of your pelvic floor.  Just click the button below for your Holistic Pelvic Floor Care Cheat Sheet to start feeling the difference today! ***

Contrary to what most women assume, OB-GYN’s are not actually trained to evaluate many aches & pains that commonly come up for women both during and after pregnancy. (Thankfully however, they ARE well trained to get mother and baby safely through pregnancy and childbirth!)

Here’s the problem though. Women assume their OB will examine them correctly and thoroughly for many common aches and pains and recommend the treatments they need to fully heal and recover. But that’s often NOT what happens.

That’s the gap in our care that all women deserve to have filled. So let’s start! Over the next 3 weeks we’re...

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Do you have 'Hotdog Down A Hallway Syndrome'?



This intimate issue can be a big problem with sex after having kids. Not sure what we mean? Watch to find out, and to learn what to do about it. It can be fixed, and it's never too late! And don’t worry - we are keeping this conversation real but classy ladies!

Here's how one of our participants put it: "Sex became more enjoyable again - very much so! Because now your inside is also tightened up & fit, which was a piece I was missing before."

Don’t miss your chance to get your free Partner Guide!  Just click the button below - to help restore the intimate connection in your relationship again.

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Do You Have Dormant Butt Syndrome?



Do you have Dormant Butt Syndrome?

You know, that flat booty nobody wants?

And did you know it's not just an aesthetic problem!

Here's how to bring back your perky, cute, round booty again!

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The Truth About Diastasis Recti



First things first!  Click the button below for instant access to your guide to: 1 correctly check yourself for a DR, and 2 learn how to close it. 

You'll get: professional teaching videos PLUS printable cheat sheets with pictures and instructions to walk you through it!


Listen in to learn what not to do if you have a DR!

Plus: Why this is way more than 'just' an aesthetic issue.

Here's how to heal & get rid of the mom pooch for good.

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Impacts of Vaginal Birth, and the "3 P's" - Pushing, Positioning, & Prolapse



It's time for a discussion on the "3 P's of Vaginal Birth." (data-based of course )

1 Pushing

2 Positioning

3 Prolapse

Having a baby is a huge event for you and your body. It's all too often treated like a "blip" in the story of a woman's life (even by well-meaning medical professionals). The impacts on your life and your body can be BIG, and long-lasting, yet the important details are often never explained to most women, which can leave you feeling alone and overwhelmed when trying to get things "back to normal" several years down the road...

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Tinkler Talk: The Lies You've Been Told About Your Pee Problems!



Pee leaks are actually more complicated than anyone has probably ever explained to you. So we're here to fix that.

It's time to break down the 4 different types of incontinence, along with what you can do about it!

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