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Our 30-day Signature Program incorporates simple exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home in just 10-minutes a day. 

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Bladder Issues

*  Peeing when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or jump

*  Urgency pee leaks

*  Waking up at night to pee

*  Peeing more than 10 times per day

*  Recurrent UTI's

Pelvic Floor Issues


*  Cystocele or Rectocele

*  Vaginal or rectal heaviness, or feeling a bulge

*  Discomfort during or after sex

Trouble with using a tampon

*  Bowel or gas problems

Back or Hip Issues

Tight hips or back

*  Restless nights from back or hip pain

*  Discomfort bending forward

*  Diastasis Recti a.k.a. "The Pooch"  

*  The dreaded "Mom Butt"

Does any of this sound familiar?


Here's how the 30-day Program works:


We understand how life-altering all of these issues can be.

That is why we are passionate about helping you find relief. 


  • Physical Therapist + Exercise Physiologist with 36 combined years of experience 
  • 2 moms motivated to help YOU by our own journeys through pain, pelvic problems, and recovery 
  • Evidence-based Program at your fingertips - proven results published in the Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy  (Click here to check it out)
  • Hundreds of women excited to share their amazing results


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Here's what women are saying about Tighten Your Tinkler:

Are you wondering if the Program is a good fit for you?

What makes this Program different?

* Easy-to-do exercises - Whether you've tried it all before, or you're more of a klutz, we've got your back.  You'll love the quick and easy routine that will keep you feeling your best.

* No Kegels - Crazy - I know, right?!  Sometimes kegels can actually over-tighten your pelvic floor, causing even more problems.  This program makes you stronger without over-tightening.  You will get the right muscles to turn on without having to think about it, which allows you to get to the root cause of the issues. 

No sweat required - We get it, we don't always have time for a workout + shower either.  These exercises will become your new daily warm-up, so that you can feel confident going back to your regular exercise routine. 

* Get back to the things you love - Have you been limited by bladder, bowel, hip, back, or pressure issues?  We'll teach you techniques for immediate relief, allowing you to build the strength you need to get back to the things you love.

Meets you where you are in your journey - Restore your sense of gratitude for your body's ability to adapt and change when given just the right nudge.

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