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Why does it feel harder than ever to "bounce back" after baby?

👉 Do you feel like it's been way harder than you expected to get back to feeling normal or feeling like you again after having children?
If so, know you're not alone! Other mamas come to us daily feeling frustrated, embarrassed, and just plain upset about the same issues that continue to impact their lives years later...
⭐ Here are the top 3 reasons it IS harder than ever to fully heal, recover, and get back to feeling like "you" again after having children.
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Tears & Fears: Learning to Ask for Help



It's been an emotional time, and it only feels right to share that with you - openly, honestly, and vulnerably.

We've been reflecting on our transitions into motherhood and the challenges we've faced.

Know that if you struggle to ask for help, you're not alone.

Here are our stories of tears, fears, and struggle - and how we learned to ask for help.

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Impacts of Vaginal Birth, and the "3 P's" - Pushing, Positioning, & Prolapse



It's time for a discussion on the "3 P's of Vaginal Birth." (data-based of course )

1 Pushing

2 Positioning

3 Prolapse

Having a baby is a huge event for you and your body. It's all too often treated like a "blip" in the story of a woman's life (even by well-meaning medical professionals). The impacts on your life and your body can be BIG, and long-lasting, yet the important details are often never explained to most women, which can leave you feeling alone and overwhelmed when trying to get things "back to normal" several years down the road...

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