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Your pelvic floor feels a bit like Weird Barbie:
she's been through a lot.

You're left wondering if it's even possible to go back to the way things used to be.

Spoiler alert:
pelvic floor muscles CAN be reactivated, even if they've been dormant for years. So unlike the doll who got a 'haircut' from your little sister, your pelvic floor can heal.
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Let's get down to the root of the problem and fix it, once and for all.

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 We get it – you’re tired of wearing liners everyday (+ hoping you don’t have to upgrade to pads like your mom). Your back hurts, your stomach looks weird, and you just don’t feel like yourself. 


Trying a new kegel routine every few months doesn’t seem to be working – and researching pelvic floor solutions isn’t exactly an ideal way to spend your (precious!) free time.

What if you could stop the band aid fixes and address these issues at their core, simultaneously fixing allll the other problems that stem from a weak pelvic floor? 

That’s the power of an effective holistic approach.


Christina Walsh holding a model pelvis and Jenn Lormand holding a pelvicore
Venn diagram with overlapping circles labeled evidence-based, holistic, and effective - with Tighten Your Tinkler in the middle
With all the cookie-cutter kegel programs out there,

Tighten Your Tinkler stands apart. 

There are 4 adult diapers for every 1 baby diaper in the landfill.
The average American woman with PF issues spends $900 per year on maintenance (that's just liners/pads/diapers, it doesn't include $$ therapy).


Band-aid solutions aren't working. And kegels? They never did.


We believe in starting with the root of the problem so women can get back to what matters.


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The Signature Program

Stop pelvic floor issues from messing with your life.


Let's talk about how to go from worrying about where the closest bathroom is and nervously crossing your legs when you laugh/sneeze/cough – to leaning fully into the present moment without giving your pelvic floor a second thought.

We've taken the system that helped our in-person clients ease back and hip tightness, stop leaks, and improve the quality of their sex life and put it into an online program – so you can do it from home.

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Healing From Home

Prevent pelvic floor problems during your first weeks after delivery.


Feel good about what you're doing to take care of yourself in those early postpartum days!

This guide + video collection will show you the small tweaks to make when baby feeding, resting, and more – tiny adjustments that can have a big impact on how your pelvic floor recovers.

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The Symptoms Quiz

It's time to connect the dots + determine the extent of your pelvic floor issues.


Most women don't realize there's an underlying cause connecting the minor annoyances and/or big problems they've been dealing with.

Our free quiz is designed to help you gain clarity so you can make health decisions with greater confidence.

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