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Holistic health education that makes an impact:

Research-based. Practical. Different.

Let's skip the surface-level anecdotes and generic Google advice and dive right into the good stuff: real stories mixed with actionable advice.

Delivered with a sense of humor and a message of hope.

Jenn Lormand and Christina Walsh of Tighten Your Tinkler
Christina Walsh speaking with a mic

Our favorite part of conferences, podcast interviews, and summits?

Hearing women's breakthroughs:

 not normal? I was told I'd just have to live with the leaks now that I've had kids!" 

"I've never heard anyone talk about prolapse like this before - I can tell you get it."

"I feel seen, understood – after so many years of being dismissed, this was life-changing."

Jenn Lormand speaking at an event
Venn diagram featuring evidence-based, relatable, and lighthearted
Have you noticed how many comedians and reality TV shows are referencing 'laughing until they pee'? (Or are showing it, straight up - looking at you, RHONY!)

That's because it's relatable for the majority of women.

Pelvic floor problems are common - but not normal.

There are 4 adult diapers for every 1 baby diaper in the landfill.
The average American woman with PF issues spends $900/year on maintenance (that's just on liners/pads/diapers, it doesn't include $$ physical therapy or questionable bluetooth devices).

We love a good joke (we did call our business Tighten Your Tinkler), but the conversation needs to go beyond one-liners. Women need facts.

Updated, research-supported facts from a source they can trust.


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Take the Panic out of Prolapse

  • A jargon-free explanation of prolapse, symptoms to watch for, and what a proper exam should look like.
  • Pre-pregnancy factors and common delivery practices that impact your risk for prolapse.
  • The surprising connection between your nervous system and your pelvis: how to get out of fight, flight, or freeze so you can start to heal.
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Your Pelvic Floor is not a Unicorn: Debunking Prevailing Myths

  • Just do more kegels. The guiding principle behind kegels that can lead to bigger problems in your pelvis.
  • I have a small bladder. If you feel like you’re peeing more than most people, it’s probably because you are – but a "small bladder" is unlikely to be the cause. Because there's no such thing.
  • Some women are just more susceptible to UTIs. Well…yes, because those women often have underlying issues that go unaddressed. Let's talk about those instead.
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Breastfeeding Ergonomics

  • The positioning mistake that causes pee leaks, urgency, + other problems.
  • How bad nursing posture can lead to the dreaded "neck hump" and/or rotator cuff injuries.
  • Easy-to-implement techniques moms can use today (including how you should hold your phone to prevent rounding your back).


Have something else in mind? Reach out! Jenn and Christina are professionally and personally qualified to cover a range of women's health topics – and if they don't feel they have the necessary background, there's a good chance they know someone who does.

Meet the Tinkler Ladies.

Individual bios + press kit.


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“The way they shared their own vulnerable stories allowed the room to connect and open up...and at the same time, how they explained the science behind their work helped each woman better understand her own body.”


"Your episode took almost no time to edit.  Thank you again for a great interview! Looking forward to working with you in the future!"  - Kelly Hof, Birth Journeys

"Recording with you was so wonderful and fun! I really love what you and Jenn are doing. Bringing light to this issue that no one talks about, and showing women that there is another option besides meds or surgery is amazing. I can’t wait for our episode to go live! Thanks again for all your support, personally and professionally! And know that I already recommended you to a local mom." - Katie Oshita, The Traveling Lactation Consultant

"I had a wonderful time with you last week on my podcast! I am very much looking forward to getting that episode available to my listeners, and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the future!" - Amanda Mejia, Simplify Birth & Motherhood

"Your episode was a breeze to edit! You are so well versed and not many pauses or filling words. You are a podcasters dream guest!" - Dawn Kress, Beyond the Plate

Interested in having Jenn or Christina speak at your event or guest on your podcast?

Please email Emily at [email protected] or complete the form below. Be sure to include all relevant details, including date, audience (makeup and size), talk structure, and desired topic(s). We look forward to connecting!


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