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Please Stop Doing Kegels!

pee problems prolapse stop the kegels


Did you know that doing kegels could actually be making things worse? 🤯

In this show we explain why kegels are NOT effective (gasp 😮 we know that's different than what you have been told), and why there is a better way to get the results you want and deserve!

🤔 Would you strengthen your bicep by holding your arm still and just squeezing and relaxing the muscle?  Um, no! 🙅 It makes no sense to strengthen the pelvic floor that way either.

🚫 Doing 100's of kegels isn't the answer and won't give you the results you're looking for - like no more peeing on yourself, less pelvic pressure, or stopping even more embarrassing things like gas leaks. 😣

And kegels can actually make those issues you're trying to get rid of even worse. 😯 Sometimes the issues come from an over-tight pelvic floor, a situation definitely made worse with too much kegeling.

❔ Are you wondering, "Why is this out-dated and ineffective exercise still recommended by medical professionals?" 🤷 Hint: it's not because they don't want the best for you. They just don't know about the much better alternative yet. 💡 Probably because the research was literally just recently published - more on that next time. 😘