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Tears & Fears: Learning to Ask for Help



It's been an emotional time, and it only feels right to share that with you - openly, honestly, and vulnerably.

We've been reflecting on our transitions into motherhood and the challenges we've faced.

Know that if you struggle to ask for help, you're not alone.

Here are our stories of tears, fears, and struggle - and how we learned to ask for help.

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Meet Sally - The True Story of How You Get to: Pee Leaks, Back Pain, & Issues with Sex



Meet Sally!  Her story helps explain how all these issues happen over time.  And you probably have more in common with her than you know...

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Do you have 'Hotdog Down A Hallway Syndrome'?



This intimate issue can be a big problem with sex after having kids. Not sure what we mean? Watch to find out, and to learn what to do about it. It can be fixed, and it's never too late! And don’t worry - we are keeping this conversation real but classy ladies!

Here's how one of our participants put it: "Sex became more enjoyable again - very much so! Because now your inside is also tightened up & fit, which was a piece I was missing before."

Don’t miss your chance to get your free Partner Guide!  Just click the button below - to help restore the intimate connection in your relationship again.

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How to: Stop the Pain/Discomfort with Sex & Restore the Intimate Connection



If you've dealt with pain or discomfort with (or after) sex, you know that it is a life-altering issue.

It drives a wedge in the most important relationship - the one between you and the person you've chosen to 'do life' with.

We want to help. So today we're explaining the different types of pain / discomfort with (or after) sex, and teaching strategies to help you enjoy intimacy in your relationship again.

There are at least 3 different types, and that means each one has its own different solution. 
And if this is you – if you find yourself avoiding sex or not wanting to ‘go there’ at all because of pain or discomfort - don’t miss the chance to grab your free Partner Guide.  We dug deep into our personal and professional experience to create this for you - to help guide you in re-connecting intimately with your partner again.


(And you can find the cream for vaginal dryness that we talk about in the video here.)

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