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Why does it feel harder than ever to "bounce back" after baby?

👉 Do you feel like it's been way harder than you expected to get back to feeling normal or feeling like you again after having children?
If so, know you're not alone! Other mamas come to us daily feeling frustrated, embarrassed, and just plain upset about the same issues that continue to impact their lives years later...
⭐ Here are the top 3 reasons it IS harder than ever to fully heal, recover, and get back to feeling like "you" again after having children.
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Tears & Fears: Learning to Ask for Help



It's been an emotional time, and it only feels right to share that with you - openly, honestly, and vulnerably.

We've been reflecting on our transitions into motherhood and the challenges we've faced.

Know that if you struggle to ask for help, you're not alone.

Here are our stories of tears, fears, and struggle - and how we learned to ask for help.

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The Truth About Your C-Section Scar



These are the parts nobody else told you about.

As an example to add to what we cover in the video, here's Alicia's Story:

‍ Alicia had always enjoyed that movement & exercise helped her de-stress and kept her feeling confident.  But by the time her 3rd child was 3 or 4 years old she couldn't deny the fact that her body just didn't handle things the way it used to.

There was a whole host of issues that had slowly crept up on her and gotten worse since she had her kids. And she didn't like the way those things were holding her back from doing the exercises she loved and from staying active with her kids.

All told, Alicia was dealing with:
Constant hip tightness (plus sometimes even some weird numb/tingly sensations going down her leg too)
Neck and shoulder stiffness
Rib tightness
And some bladder leaks that she surely didn't want to get any worse

A close friend recommended that she reach out to us.  She did, and she was totally shocked to...

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