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It's 2024 – every online business has success stories.

We're no exception: we've got 6 years' worth of anecdotal evidence. (Just keep scrolling!) But in the age of fake Amazon reviews, it's hard to know who to trust.

That's one reason we're proud to invite you to check out our peer reviewed research in the Journal of Women's & Pelvic Health Physical Therapy and the Biomedical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research (Article 1) (Article 2). You'll see that 100% of the women who participated in our 2-phase research study saw significant progress: almost unheard of results when it comes to pelvic floor care.


(Eliza) From slow progress in traditional PT to jogging – and jumping on a trampoline.

"I couldn't exercise before that, I felt intimidated...but they took me where I was."

"This was life-changing...it allowed me to jump on a trampoline again. I have an exercise routine, I'm jogging, I'm lifting weights."

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(Lindsay) From pregnancy pain that didn't go away to a strong, active mom of 3.

“Jenn and Christina are both completely heart people…they are truly in it for others. It should be standard process, after you have a baby, you go see them.”

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(Mary Ann) From surgical candidate to managing her symptoms while feeding her dogs.

“I needed surgery to fix the pelvic organ prolapse, as well as to keep me from running to the bathroom every time I thought I had to pee because otherwise I was going to pee on myself...This program is a life-changing program.

“I came here because I didn’t want to have surgery, and I have not had surgery.”

"I do my exercises while I feed my dogs, because it's quality time with the pups. Game changer, life changer."

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(Jessica) From dealing with diastasis recti and chronic lower back pain to teaching fitness classes. 

“The first thing that really surprised me about the Program was how simple the exercises were. I was seriously dumbfounded…I was amazed at how simple and easy the moves were.”

“It should be mandatory for all moms. As a childbirth educator and birth doula….I’ve witnessed some traumatizing things where women’s bodies are put through the wringer. Years later they have to deal with the fallout…they just live it, we’re women, we’re told that’s just part of being a woman and there’s not much you can do. Now we know there ARE things we can do.”

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(Sharon) From no progress in PT or with expensive devices, to leak free & ready to shout it from the rooftops. 

"I'd gone the pelvic floor specialist route, and after a year there was no change in the sneeze-and-pee.  But I just thought there's gotta be a way - why can't anyone figure out a way to strengthen these muscles?

I'd spent so much money on these things that didn't work, I had nothing to lose with your Program.

And it's been awesome - I am so happy and relieved.  Now I don't have to run home and change my underwear because of sneezing and peeing.  Yeah - I love it!"

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(Dawn) From daily leaks and a DR ('mom belly') to dry underwear & tightened tummy. 

"I worked out, I did all this strength training, so I was thinking what's the problem here?

It was awesome to find your Program that had research and known results behind it.  And the routine is so easy and smooth to incorporate into my morning - just hit play & I'm on my way.

It's something so small but has huge results.  My favorite result is not wetting my pants during the day.  That has been a huge life-changing result.

I'm still in awe that it could happen that quickly - just by something that simple - 10 minutes in the morning.  It's streamlined.  (And your abs will be stronger and tighten your tummy too.)

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(Miranda) From hip flexor pain and leaks for years, to finally seeing tremendous progress. 

"I'd been dealing with this problem for years - issues with my hip flexor pain & the pee issues I was having.

I tried lots of at-home stuff for your hip flexors, glutes, abs, and many pelvic floor classes online, but that always made it worse, because now I know that I had a tight pelvic floor.  

But this Program didn't seem like just more of the same old things I had been through.  And I just love it.  I've made tremendous progress.  This is the first thing that has really lasted, and it's so easy to maintain!"

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(Liz) From back pain & waking up at night to pee for years, to getting relief so quickly. 

"Jenn & Christina helped me see that the back pain, hip flexor tightness, and waking up to pee was all connected.  We're just not being taught how to heal and take care of ourselves.

I was concerned about taking on another thing with 3 little kids, but this was so simple.  I noticed relief so quickly, it was easy to measure the progress.

I love the simplicity, efficacy, and speed of the Program.  The quickest change was not getting up to pee at night - and the relief of this back pain I'd had for years.

Every single woman, especially women who have had children, need to do this Program.  It's a no-brainer!"

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Wherever you are in your healing journey, we'd love to be part of it.

Our done-at-home programs can help your pelvic floor make progress, fast –
and if you’re looking for personalized support, we offer that, too.

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