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Doing These 3 Things is Making your Pelvic Floor Issues Worse


If we could put a billboard up on the interstate it would probably include the message in today's show as a P.S.A. for all women to see!

The majority of the women who've worked with us have been guilty of doing at least one of these things.

They always tell us, "I wish I would have known this sooner!" or "Why didn't anyone tell me about any of this before?" That's why it's our mission to get this information into as many women's hands as possible - because it can make such a big difference in your journey!

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10 Signs that you are dealing with Rectal Prolapse (Rectocele)

Signs that you are dealing with Rectal Prolapse (Rectocele)
PLUS: what you can do about it, starting today!
These are arguably the most embarrassing of all the prolapse-related issues you could be dealing with (and yes, we know from both personal and professional experience).
These issues can feel like the loneliest of all to navigate too , because if you think it's hard to talk about pee leaks, it's even harder to talk out loud about this stuff.
‍ And it can be tough to even get a correct diagnosis (if you're searching for one), because these issues can often be confused with GI issues. We can explain....
But before we do, please know that there is hope to feel better in your body again! And it doesn't even have to be that hard to get there.
Today's breakdown is all about Rectal Prolapse (Rectocele):
What it is
What it feels like
What it does to your life
What you can do about it
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Tears & Fears: Learning to Ask for Help



It's been an emotional time, and it only feels right to share that with you - openly, honestly, and vulnerably.

We've been reflecting on our transitions into motherhood and the challenges we've faced.

Know that if you struggle to ask for help, you're not alone.

Here are our stories of tears, fears, and struggle - and how we learned to ask for help.

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Do You Have Poop Problems? Here's How To Start Solving Them Naturally.



WARNING: today we are talking about a sensitive subject..... poop problems

This is not an easy thing for women to talk about, but most women don’t realize that many of these issues are due to pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse - specifically a rectocele, rectal prolapse, or enterocele.

If you're having poop problems, watch the video for 4 quick wins to start alleviating these issues today.

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