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Doing These 3 Things is Making your Pelvic Floor Issues Worse


If we could put a billboard up on the interstate it would probably include the message in today's show as a P.S.A. for all women to see!

The majority of the women who've worked with us have been guilty of doing at least one of these things.

They always tell us, "I wish I would have known this sooner!" or "Why didn't anyone tell me about any of this before?" That's why it's our mission to get this information into as many women's hands as possible - because it can make such a big difference in your journey!

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Your Pelvic Floor is NOT a Magical Unicorn!



Special?  Yes, very much so!

However... although the pelvic floor is treated like it's some kind of "different" sort of muscle group, the truth is that it is "just" regular skeletal muscle - just like the rest of our muscles!

Why does this matter? Tune in to find out... we think you'll really like the good news we're sharing today!

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Core Exercise Corrections - Top 3 Mistakes Women Make With Lunges



Lunges can be tricky!  So many of the women who work with us tell us how they “can’t” lunge anymore, mostly because of knee and hip discomfort.  They get really frustrated because they want to do them, since most exercise programs recommend lunges....but they can’t figure out how to do them without pain or discomfort.  Or they're sick of struggling through them while always feeling uncoordinated and awkward. 

Let’s break down how you can improve yours.

Stand in front of your trusty mirror and face sideways as you do a few lunges to see if you can spot any of the things that we discuss in the video.

1.) Front knee coming too far forward - if this is you, you may feel discomfort at the top or center of your knee.  Try shifting your weight more evenly and hinging forward from your hip with your knee staying over your ankle.

2.) Too upright - are you pushing off more from your back foot and hip than the front leg?  The...

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Core Exercise Corrections - Top 3 Mistakes Women Make with Squats



Quick test for yourself Face sideways in front of a mirror & squat, checking out your mid & low back & knees.  Now turn & do it facing forward, and look at your knees again.

Do you see yourself in any of the incorrect squat positions we go over and demonstrate in the video?

If you do, no need to stress.  % of the women who work with us must re- learn how to squat.

You may be wondering why you are leading with your knees, or why you are arching your back.  Those are accommodations that your body is having to make due to weak foundational muscles (or deep core muscles), specifically your glutes & deep abdominals.

If those muscles aren’t ‘turning on’ or activating, then it’s really hard to do squats correctly.

Here’s the breakdown

1) Forward knees - probably from tight hip flexors, which mean weak glutes & hip rotators. You may feel that your low back & knees feel tight or uncomfortable every time you try...

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Core Exercise Corrections - Top 3 Mistakes Women Make With Planks



Are you that girl who can hold a plank for over 1 minute and not really feel it in your abs?  Are you tired of hearing how AWESOME planks are for your core because you NEVER feel it in the right spot? ‍

No worries we got your back!

We are breaking down the top 3 reasons you may not be feeling planks in your abs!

1) Hips sagging too low - this can be from weak deep abdominals and/ or a tailbone that is stuck out of alignment.

2) Winging shoulder blades - this can be caused by weak deep abdominals and weak shoulder stability muscles.

3) Poochy / Disconnected Abs - this can be from an abdominal surgery where you are numb in the lower abdomen, or caused by a DR (separation of abdominal muscles) that can happen because of pregnancy or an injury.

The overwhelming majority of women who work with us have weak foundational muscles (your ‘up and in’ muscles), often despite trying lots of "core" exercises already before finding us.

Many women think if they just keep...

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Core Exercise Corrections - Top 3 Mistakes Women Make With Bridges



‍ So you want to be bridging your heart out to get that strong-as-steel, perky booty.  There’s only 1 problem though… when you try, you feel it more in your quads, back, or knees than in your glutes.  Sound familiar?  We can help.

Bridges are a go-to core & glute exercise, so most women who work with us have done them before. However, the majority of them need plenty of cues and tweaks to optimize their technique – to get the results they’ve been after all along.

For our Top 3 Mistakes we see women making with Bridges, the first 2 corrections are the easiest to implement, and we’ve got some additional tips on the 3rd below:

1 Make sure your feet are directly under your knees, not too far out or too far in.  This is a first step to helping you feel the burn in your glutes and not in your back, quads, or knees.

2 Don’t lift your hips too high.  You may think you’re getting more 'bang for your...

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