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Should you be using internal (vaginal) devices or stimulators to help your pelvic floor?

👆 This is a question women ask us frequently, so we're sharing our answer in today's show.
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Your Pelvic Floor is NOT a Magical Unicorn!



Special?  Yes, very much so!

However... although the pelvic floor is treated like it's some kind of "different" sort of muscle group, the truth is that it is "just" regular skeletal muscle - just like the rest of our muscles!

Why does this matter? Tune in to find out... we think you'll really like the good news we're sharing today!

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Yes, really! We were serious about stopping the kegels. And here's why.



OK ladies - It's time for our first online rant!

We really hit a nerve with the bold statement we made to Stop Doing Kegels. ‍

We were asked for the proof behind our claims. (Hint: We've got it. And the personal stories too ).

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Please Stop Doing Kegels!



Did you know that doing kegels could actually be making things worse?

In this show we explain why kegels are NOT effective (gasp we know that's different than what you have been told), and why there is a better way to get the results you want and deserve!

Would you strengthen your bicep by holding your arm still and just squeezing and relaxing the muscle?  Um, no! It makes no sense to strengthen the pelvic floor that way either.

Doing 100's of kegels isn't the answer and won't give you the results you're looking for - like no more peeing on yourself, less pelvic pressure, or stopping even more embarrassing things like gas leaks.

And kegels can actually make those issues you're trying to get rid of even worse. Sometimes the issues come from an over-tight pelvic floor, a situation definitely made worse with too much kegeling.

Are you wondering, "Why is this out-dated and ineffective exercise still recommended by medical professionals?" Hint: it's not because they...

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