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Miranda's Story

back & hip pee problems

"I'd been dealing with this problem for years - issues with my hip flexor pain and the pee issues that I was having.  I was doing all of these things, and then it got to the point where I couldn't do anything without causing pain. And so then I just stopped doing stuff.


(00:16)  I've tried several things, lots of at home stuff for your hip flexors, stuff for your glutes, stuff for your abs. I've done stuff specifically for your pelvic floor online, many different pelvic floor classes, which always made it worse, because I now know that I have a tight pelvic floor, where those were just lots of kegeling and other things.


(00:39)  I had followed you guys on Instagram and heard you talk on a podcast, which is how I found you guys. And I just really liked what you guys were saying. I was drawn to it (the Signature Program) because I have tried other things, and it didn't seem like it was going to be just more of the same old things that I had been through.


(01:04)  It's just great. I just love everything about it. And I've made tremendous progress, especially in comparison to all the other things that I've tried. This is the first thing that I feel has really lasted, and it's so easy to maintain. Just give it a chance. The girls are great. They'll help walk you through everything. They'll give you all the tips you need to customize it for you."