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Mary Ann's Story

back & hip pee problems prolapse

"Hi, my name is Mary Anne, and I have pelvic organ prolapse. It means my vagina is falling out. I run to the bathroom too many times a day. And I have pelvic pressure, back pain pressure, and I'm very uncomfortable in a lot of settings.


(00:18)  It makes you feel your confidence in doing your activities of daily living is very low because you have to think before you go to a meeting or if you're going to take a trip with somebody, how many hours you're going to be in a car, or if you're going to be on a plane, where to sit so you're close to the bathroom and you're not tripping over 100 people to go. And then how are they going to think about you when you're going 100 times on this little flight? A lot of thought has to go into my day to make it where I'm comfortable.


(00:51)  I came to see Jenn and Christina because I had trained with Jenn before with personal training because I trusted her. I have a long history in the wellness industry, and I don't trust a lot of people. So I reached out to them at the same time that they were putting out the study because I needed surgery to fix the pelvic organ prolapse, as well as to keep me from running to the bathroom every time I thought I had to pee because I was going to pee on myself.


(01:24)  And I didn't really want to have surgery. This program is a life-changing program. Jenn and Christina are professional. They're sensitive to the issue that we're dealing with here. Not everybody wants to talk about your pelvic floor. I mean, talking about your low back, your abdomen, but talking about your pelvic floor muscles, your vagina, your rectum, that is very uncomfortable. And that is very uncomfortable for a lot of women to come admit that they have this type of problem.


(02:00)  Jenn and Christina provided a safety net for all of us. They made us feel comfortable. They made everything where it was easy to do. It wasn't embarrassing or shameful. They talked freely about the program. They talked freely about what each activity we did was doing for our pelvic floor muscles.


(02:23)  Jenn is vivacious, energetic, very knowledgeable, very motivating. She's a mini-me. Christina is very charismatic, very soft, very caring. Polar opposites, but a dynamic duo. I came here because I didn't want to have surgery, and I have not had surgery. I do my exercises minimum five days a week, sometimes two times a day. Jenn always tells you, hang your ball, your Pelvicore, on the bathroom door and do it while you're brushing your teeth. I do it while I feed my dogs because it's quality time with the pups.


(03:11)  Game changer, life changer. No surgery and the exercises that they taught us, as well as the positions they taught us for when we use the bathroom, have been life-changing as well. It helps me empty my whole bladder out. I have never had that before. That's why we run back and forth to the bathroom. You go a little bit, you think, Oh, I'm good. You go back and sit at your desk and you're like, God, I got to run to the bathroom again. It is ridiculous. This program has taught me how to sit when I'm urinating, how to position my belly and my body so that I can empty my whole bladder, as well as go to the bathroom. It's amazing!"