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Liz's Story

back & hip diastasis recti pee problems

"I had never understood that after having my first child, it was almost like my back was being compressed. And then I had hip flexor tightness that was driving me bonkers. I would work out, I would do all these things to try and stretch, but nothing seemed to relieve it. And then my most frustrating symptom, after having little kids who finally got out of the stage of waking us up all night, I was still getting up all night to go pee.


(00:26)  I lived with that pain for years, having no idea that it was in relation to going through pregnancy and postpartum. I had the privilege of mentoring Jenn and Christina through the development of Tighten Your Tinkler. They had this incredible revolutionary program for women, but they weren't masterful in the marketing side of things. So that's where I came in. And as I'm coaching them and walking them through the business aspect of really getting this in front of women and helping them understand the power of healing their bodies in a more functional way, I realized, oh my gosh, this is exactly what I need.


(01:02)  They helped me see that everything was interconnected. It wasn't these compartmentalized issues that I had to address singularly, like where, okay, now I have to go to a chiropractor for my back pain, and I just have to stretch more for my hip flexors, and I have to drink less water before bed. No, no, no. If I was resolving the root cause of these symptoms, ultimately, I would be healing everything, and that's what they helped me do.


(01:28)  I was concerned taking on another thing. I run my own business. I have three little kids. We have a lot going on. So I was concerned that this was going to be something that was very time consuming. And to my surprise, this was so simple, almost like where I started to question, Am I doing this right?


(01:46)  But I was noticing the relief of symptoms really, really quickly. It was like 5 to 10 minutes in the morning, and then sometimes I'd do some additional exercises at night. It was so simple, yet I was experiencing the wins. I was seeing the difference in my body. I was feeling the difference in my back and the pain that I was experiencing. And it was so easy to measure the progress.


(02:09)  So for me, the fear of taking on something additional was really taken away very quickly when I understood the simplicity of the program, but the power of it and the efficacy and the speed. And I was noticing those changes very quickly without a massive time commitment.


(02:23)  The biggest changes I've seen, the quickest one was not having to get up and pee at night. And I wasn't changing my water intake. They helped me see and understand that it's not necessarily the quantity of water that's causing that. It's just the infrastructure of my body, like how my body was operating after having kids and what still needed to heal.


(02:41)  The other biggest thing that I was so pumped about was the relief of this back pain that I literally had for years. It wasn't excruciating, it wasn't debilitating, it wasn't enough to stop me from doing the activities I was doing, but it was enough to be really irritated by it every single day and to always notice it. It felt almost like someone had finally stretched me out. My spine got this relief in between my vertebrae, and I just felt so much better.


(03:05)  And then the hip flexor tightness was huge, too. I wasn't even able to get down comfortably on the floor with my kids. My hip flexors got so tight that it was really, really uncomfortable. So I found myself moving in certain ways to try and compensate for that discomfort. And then all of a sudden I noticed, wait a minute, I'm not doing that anymore. I don't have to lay a certain way or sit a certain way, or I feel like my hip flexors are just turning off and getting a break. So that was huge, too.


(03:29)  I also had gone to my OB after having each of my three kids, and every time I asked them to check me for a DR, and they said, nope, you don't have any separation in your abs. You're fine. But after working with Jenn and Christina, they're like, you absolutely do. It's a two finger width separation in your abdominal wall. We need to heal that. And within months of working with them, that came down to a one-finger separation and then about a half a finger. And I don't really have any of the symptoms from that any longer.


(03:57)  I think every single woman, especially women who have had children have to do this program. One, to educate themselves on what it truly looks like to optimize your body. Traditional exercise, even physical therapy, working with a chiropractor, those are wonderful things. But to me, they're supplemental to this core program and understanding how you actually can really get your body to the next level, not just in fitness and how it looks, but in how you feel.


(04:22)  There are so many symptoms, issues, problems that we take for granted because society tells us to. Our Doctors tell us they're normal, our friends tell us, oh that's just what happens when you've had a child, even if it's 20 years later, when in reality, we're just not being taught how to heal. We're not being taught how to take care of ourselves or how to relieve and alleviate some of the pain that we're experiencing.


(04:43)  Sometimes it's not pain, so we can ignore it. It's discomfort, or it's frustration, or it's embarrassing, so we don't talk about it, instead of understanding that these are all things that we can live without. What's the cost of not investing in something like this? This is a no-brainer. This is something that is so affordable, so doable, so attainable, and it unites you with so many other women that are in this movement that are realizing, I don't have to live like this anymore.


(05:11)  There's a better quality of life for me. There's a better version of myself that I can tap into. It's not going to require all of my time, which I have so little to give, or all of my money, which I have so little to give. It's ‘I can't afford not to do this.’