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Eliza's Story

back & hip pee problems

"My name is Eliza. I have a daughter who is almost two. After I had my daughter, I was having some serious problems with my SI joint. It was giving me a lot of pain. I had been seeing a pelvic floor therapist for about six months, doing some pretty intense work. When we came across an ad on Facebook for this program, I ran it by her, and she suggested that it would be a nice transition from her therapy to my actual fitness routine in the future.

My initial thoughts were, I hope this works and it helps me out. But I thought that it was great. They were certainly going over some similar ideas to what my pelvic floor therapist was doing. So it seemed like it was on track with that, and it also seemed like it was sustainable. I would learn the exercises and then could continue doing them. And that's what I've been doing. I don't really have any more SI joint pain at all. When I do feel it, I do the exercises, and I would say after three days of doing them, it goes away again.

Before that, I was having trouble picking up my daughter. I couldn't run. I couldn't really do anything that I used to do before I had her. And now I can do all of those things as long as I just keep doing the exercises. And I'm not even consistent with it, and it still helps. I can't remember how long the program was. Six weeks, maybe. I could be totally wrong on that. But we did the exercises every day during that time, and that's when I saw drastic improvement. And then after that, it's just maintenance.

So you commit five minutes a day. Super easy. I thought that there was a lot of continuity in care with them from my pelvic floor therapist. I would recommend working with either Jenn or Christina for anything, really.

They were super relatable, and I hadn't been exercising. I couldn't exercise before that. And so I felt a little intimidated coming into this fitness center, and they made me feel like it was totally okay. They took me where I was and helped me from there. They were totally open. There were so many different levels in our class, and they were just super helpful. They answered any questions. I really liked working with them, and so much so that I suggested my mom do the next series in their study, and she did and felt the same way about them.

There were moms in here that had children much older than mine. So it was really nice to see moms from all different walks of life and at all different stages of motherhood, and just to see that I wasn't alone in it. So that was really cool.

And there's not a lot of support for moms postpartum. And I feel like we need that in this country, and this was a great way and a great opportunity to see the impact that it could have to have that for moms.

This was life-changing. This program allowed me to go back to an exercise routine. It allowed me to jump on a trampoline again, which was pretty cool. But I would say that I felt 100 % better, honestly. I can do all the things now that I couldn't do postpartum that I was doing before that. So I have an exercise routine. I'm jogging, I'm lifting weights. I feel great. And I have something that I can go back to if I'm not feeling great, and it helps."