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Dawn's Story

diastasis recti pee problems

"It was awesome to find something that you guys had researched and known results for the problems that I was having of getting up in the middle of the night all the time to pee. But the biggest problem was literally about wetting my pants during the day as a 35-year-old woman. I was like, I work out, I do all this strength training. I'm like, I know my abs are engaged. What's the problem here? So that's what intrigued me to be like, ok, if there's something I can do at home, that would be great.


(00:33)  What I enjoyed most is you guys' humor when maybe you had your own slip up. I loved that that wasn't edited out. It was real life because then it made me feel relatable to you that like, okay, they're human, too. It's ok if I screw up, or we're not going to do it perfect.


(00:50)  It was easy to incorporate in my morning routine. You just made it smooth to go through, and I can just flip open my laptop in the morning, hit play on the daily stretches, and boom, then I'm on my way. It was small. It's something so small but has huge results.


(01:06)  And I knew I had a DR, the ab separation, and was told, ok, you're a mom of 3. This just happens, and I get the big, big belly. Those abs really stretched. And that last time, they just didn't go back. And I couldn't believe how quickly that (DR) merged together after being told, Oh, there's really nothing you can do for that. It just is what it is. So that was a huge surprise result.


(01:28)  But otherwise, you have the result of not getting up as often to go to the bathroom - it's maybe once, if not none at night, where before it was two and three times just because I drink so much water during the day.


(01:40)  And then my favorite result is not wetting my pants during the day. It's a silly excitement when I go to the bathroom and I look at my underwear and I'm like, Oh, I didn't pee! So that has been a huge life-changing result, which is nice. So yeah, amazing. Still in awe that it could happen that quickly just by something that simple. Just 10 minutes in the morning. And you guys were as simple as one exercise equipment that is not bulky, it's not taking up a bunch of space.


(02:12)  It's simple. So if it's not simple I don't stick to it and do it. So you guys just made it so attainable and having just the research behind it, you guys really honed in on what exactly you needed to do to make it streamlined. So kudos. I'm just in awe. You're going to feel your abs are a lot stronger, which will tighten your tummy, which is a good thing.


(02:36)  So what do you have to lose to not try is my biggest advice, where it's like, we've lived our lives in these symptoms or pain long enough. So why would you not try? And then I challenge, are you afraid to see the results? Are you afraid to see that you can do it, that it's a simpler fix than we might think? Just because we've been told for so long that it's not correctable.


(03:02)  I'm afraid that too many of us in society have just thought the Physicians are the authority, and we don't look and advocate for our bodies often enough to challenge that. We don't find new cures by just staying status quo."