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"Do you pee when you sneeze?  Experience back pain, frequent UTIs, or have to get up in the middle of the night to pee?  Think you have a small bladder?

Whether you experience one or all of these, they are all related to your pelvic floor health.

Some research shows that every year after the age of 35, women lose 2% of their pelvic floor muscle strength with aging and hormones.  If at 35, we’re leaking, what will it be like at 65?

My special guest Christina Walsh, a published researcher, a Physical Therapist, and the cofounder of Tighten Your Tinkler, is sharing how to rebuild our pelvic floor health.

Enjoy this episode, Mama, and share it with a friend."

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"This week on the Mama Work It podcast, I interviewed Jenn Lormand, co-creator of Tighten Your Tinkler, published researcher, Exercise Physiologist, and author.

Jenn shares her experience and perspective on all things pelvic floor and the effectiveness of her holistic protocol at ending pee leaks, back pain, and painful sex – WITHOUT kegels.

Here's what you’ll get out of today’s episode:

🔸Stats and myths on the pelvic floor, and understanding if you’re affected by it. 

🔸Are you peeing too much, and does a small bladder even exist?  

🔸How you can be proactive before potentially getting a UTI."

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"In this episode, Jami chats with Jenn Lormand of Tighten Your Tinkler all about pelvic floor issues and how to correct them.  Listen in!"

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"Join host Trish in an engaging conversation with Jenn Lormand from Tighten Your Tinkler, as they delve into holistic solutions for pelvic floor issues.

Jenn, an experienced Exercise Physiologist shares her revolutionary approach which goes beyond traditional methods like kegels, offering hope and healing to women facing these challenges.

Jenn discusses the importance of a holistic approach to pelvic floor health, emphasizing the body's ability to heal and reactivate dormant muscles. This is amazing news for many of our mamas."

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"Today we are joined by the marvelous Christina Walsh of Tighten Your Tinkler! (what an awesome name right?)

Published researcher, Physical Therapist, and manual integrative therapist, Christina has 15+ years of experience in the holistic health space. Together with her Tighten Your Tinkler cofounder (EP + author Jenn Lormand), Christina developed a revolutionary movement-based protocol that allows her to manage her prolapse in a way that lets her forget she even has it.

Jenn and Christina helped hundreds of New Orleans women reduce and eliminate pelvic floor issues before going online in 2019. The Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy featured their research, confirming the effectiveness of their protocol at ending pee leaks, back pain, and painful sex – WITHOUT kegels or trendy internal vaginal devices."

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"I have a guest wisdom holder who is bringing a unique view of the pelvic floor and how the practice of grounding can be a powerful tool for pelvic floor function.

My guest here is Jenn Lormand of the duo that is Tighten Your Tinkler, two women who are authors, researchers, and moms on a mission to help people live with functional pelvic floor health, whether that's after having children or any other reason a person is living with an under-functioning pelvic floor.

This conversation, as you will hear me say a few times in the recording, really sparked some interesting connections for me about the pelvic floor and the earth and our feet as she brings together the pelvis and grounding."

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"Pelvic floor issues post-pregnancy and birth are all too common. 

Whether it's related to more sedentary lifestyles, assisted births, or epigenetics is not known, but it does not have to be accepted.  Jenn Lormand EP and Christina Walsh PT are all about stopping the acceptance that a little leaking is normal, and empowering women to take control of their own bodies

No weird devices, meds or surgery needed, they created a home PT program, proven to be effective by a 3 year study at the University of New Orleans. 

Christina talks with Katie about what is normal (hint- ever leaking pee is NOT), how to prevent problems and how to advocate for yourself.  Listen in to hear more about how women can take control of their bodies and stop painful or embarrassing issues."

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"In this informative episode of the Fourth Trimester Podcast, we're diving deep into a topic that affects many postpartum individuals but is often shrouded in mystery and concern – Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Join us as we welcome Exercise Physiologist Jenn Lormand, a specialist in women's health for nearly 30 years, to discuss practical strategies for both avoiding and addressing this common postpartum issue.

Jenn shares her personal experience with stage two prolapse & so much more.  So, whether you're currently dealing with this condition or just looking to safeguard your pelvic health, this episode is filled with empowering information to help you on your journey to recovery and resilience. (It’s never too late to do the repair work!)

Join us for a compassionate and insightful conversation that puts you in control of your pelvic health and gives you the tools you need to take the panic out of prolapse."

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"Many women know that breastfeeding can affect their posture, but did you know that it also affects their pelvic floor?

Join Jenn from Tighten Your Tinkler in this episode where she gives us tips to support your pelvic floor while nourishing your baby!"

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"Ever found yourself questioning what correct positioning during breastfeeding looks like?  How it impacts not only the baby's nourishment but also the mother's well-being? 

In this rich conversation you'll learn how to use pillows creatively for body support, tips on focusing on the baby's latch first, and the significance of posture while breastfeeding.

Christina addresses common issues like rotator cuff injuries and provides advice on looking after your body during the breastfeeding period.  This episode is replete with wisdom and practical tips, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking to improve their overall well-being."

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"This wouldn't be a podcast about postpartum healing and recovery if we weren't including conversations about pelvic physical health.

Today's episode will share exactly how anyone can access pelvic floor care through the revolutionary Tighten Your Tinkler online program.

In this episode, we're sharing:

- How to know that you can benefit from pelvic floor care. 

- Why the typical guidance to do 100 kegels a day is NOT what women need to regain their pelvic health. 

- The connection between pelvic health and emotional well-being, and why every mother should make her pelvic health a priority, regardless of whether or not she's had a "traumatic" birth experience."

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"In this episode, we dive into a topic that directly relates to women in the outdoors - peeing!  Yes, you heard that right.  We discuss the challenges women face when it comes to peeing while engaging in outdoor activities.

Christina shares her personal journey and how she and her partner created a holistic approach to address pelvic floor issues without invasive surgeries or annoying kegel exercises. They even conducted a 3-year university research study to prove the effectiveness of their method.

Tune in as we explore what's considered normal when it comes to urination and why leaking pee is never acceptable.

Get ready to tighten your tinkler with us!"

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"Whether you are a first-time mom (or have had multiple children), pregnancy and birth take a toll on our bodies. The part of our bodies that bear much of the weight is our PELVIC FLOOR!

In this interview with Physical Therapist Christina Walsh you will learn:

🔸What the pelvic floor is and what changes it goes through during and after pregnancy.

🔸What are some symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor that are considered "normal" but are not.

🔸Holistic ways you can strengthen and support your pelvic floor during pregnancy and in postpartum (that are not just doing kegels)."

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"My friend Jenn Lormand joins us on today's episode to chat about what every mother should know about her body.  It's pure fire!

The pelvic floor isn't top of mind when you take your baby home from the hospital but it is something that every mother has adjusted to postpartum.

If you've had back pain, pee urgencies (or leaks), pain during sex - TUNE in for this episode and prepare your mind to be blown!

Jenn shines a light on the myths of practicing kegel exercises & WHY they don't work, and what actually works based on her research and background as an Exercise Physiologist, with a whole lot of real perspective and personality!"

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"If you have ever wondered how much pee my bladder holds overnight while camping… then you’re in for a treat 💦😁.

Christina Walsh from @tighten.your.tinkler joins us to talk all things pelvic floor. 🤩

Moms, in particular, often report that it limits their ability to be present with their family, especially during outdoor excursions where restrooms are scarce.  But fear not, because Christina is here to guide you towards regaining your confidence and quality of life."

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"👶🤱 We're thrilled to bring you today's episode “Best and Worst Breastfeeding Positions" with Jenn Lormand from @tighten.your.tinkler, where we're diving deep into the world of breastfeeding ergonomics. 💫✨

She's here to reveal the ultimate secrets to achieving blissful breastfeeding comfort. 🍼💕 Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with tips and insights to ensure you and your little one enjoy a pain-free and truly delightful bonding experience.

Say goodbye to backaches and hello to sweet cuddles – this episode is a game-changer!

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"🙋‍♀️ Do you pee when you sneeze?

🙋‍♀️ Do you have pain during sex?

🙋‍♀️ Back or hip pain?

That's actually not "just the way it is after having a baby."  It's a sign that something is wrong and you don't have to live like that! 

Today we are talking with Christina Walsh from @tighten.your.tinkler.  Christina is a Physical Therapist and helps postpartum women solve their pelvic floor issues.

There are simple things you can start doing today to improve your pelvic floor health.  That's right now on the Badass Breastfeeding Podcast!"

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"Correct breastfeeding positioning is important for back and neck comfort, but my guest Jenn Lormand is going to take it a step further and explain why poor posture while breastfeeding can cause problems with your pelvic floor too.

Listen in for Jenn's Top 3 Pro-tips to optimize your baby-feeding ergonomics, and spare yourself lots of future issues, from shoulder injuries, to carpal tunnel, to back pain and increased pelvic floor issues too."

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"I am 35 weeks pregnant w/my fourth and have been PEEING MY PANTS upon sneezing, so naturally I wandered over to Tighten Your Tinkler for holistic, healing guidance.

⭐ In this episode, Physical Therapist Christina Walsh and I talk about:

- what organs sit in the pelvic floor,

- all that can go wrong, and

- what to look for both visually and feeling-wise,

- as well as some things you can do RIGHT NOW - whether pregnant, postpartum or just in general motherhood - to strengthen your pelvic floor and avoid and heal issues, like:

- diastasis recti, painful penetration, pooping and peeing issues, and so much more."

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"In episode 20 of the Milk + Motherhood podcast, Physical Therapist and CST provider Christina (⁠@tighten.your.tinkler⁠) and I bounce back and forth talking about:

  • our own postpartum experiences,
  • how they led us to the work we do,
  • and how you are not alone if your pelvic floor doesn't feel the same postpartum.

She answers so many listener questions and also shares hope for addressing your symptoms via the program she and her colleague, Jenn, have developed."

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"After birthing their babies, most moms wait a full 6 weeks for a postpartum check up.

Christina Walsh, Physical Therapist & co-founder of Tighten Your Tinkler, shares:

  • The questions you should always ask at your 6-week postnatal appointment.

Be sure to bring a list, and add any other questions you'd like to ask your doctor or midwife!"

Click here for your quick, FREE 6-week appointment checklist printable!

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"In addition to sharing her personal experience with birth injury and breastfeeding, Jenn drops some super valuable knowledge bombs on Breastfeeding Ergonomics.

  • The #1 positioning mistake Jenn sees nursing moms make that causes more pee leaks, urgency, and other pelvic floor problems.
  • How lack of shoulder stability from improper technique can lead to the dreaded “neck hump” and/or rotator cuff injuries.
  • Three easy-to-implement techniques moms can start using today to correct their feeding posture (plus how moms should hold their phone to prevent a rounding of their back).

On this episode, Jenn has SO MUCH for you, dear listener."

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"Sometimes after baby your “O” can stand for ouch!  Yes, today we’re talking about sex after baby.  For many, pelvic floor dysfunction turns what was once a pleasurable part of life into something painful.

This pain doesn’t have to be permanent though - you can have a better quality of life again!

Christina and I talk about:

🔸 what new parents should expect when it comes to sex after baby

🔸 solutions for the different types of common issues

🔸 kegels (how they can contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction)

🔸 the balance needed for a strong pelvic floor 

🔸 and a variety of ways to address dysfunction.

I think you’re going to get so much out of this conversation."

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"Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Pelvic Prolapse, and Diastasis Recti: Are Your Symptoms Normal?

- Do you have back or hip pain?

- Do you find yourself needing to use the bathroom many times during the day?

- Is sex painful for you?

Jenn Lormand is an Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about helping women with pelvic floor dysfunction find relief.

Listen in on this episode of Her Holistic Healing {Natural Remedies, Chronic Illness, Chronic Fatigue, Essential Oils, Meal Ideas, Autoimmunity}."

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"Tighten Your Tinkler meets Kids Who Explore, because we all want to support postpartum women, so they can get back to doing all the things they love to do outside!  

This is a really fun one with so many golden nuggets to guide you!

Some Immediate Postpartum Tips:
💪Listen to your body 
💪🏻Visit a Webster-certified chiro (adjust pubic joint) 
💪🏽Avoid high impact activity while breastfeeding  
💪🏾90/90 decompression technique!! Check link in podcast notes from @tighten.your.tinkler 
💪🏿Don’t push pee out  
💪🏼Use Squatty Potty  
💪Get enough fibre and stay hydrated 
💪🏿Go easy on your body! 
💪🏾Build strength"

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"Today I have an episode to share about a topic that I know is on the minds of just about every expecting mom, and that is the pelvic floor and postpartum recovery.

Christina Walsh of Tighten Your Tinkler will share her wisdom of functional pelvic floor health. 

This episode is definitely for you if you want to hear about why and how to use functional movement and non-invasive techniques to experience a holistic, restorative approach to postpartum pelvic floor health."


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"- In this episode Amanda and Jenn bust myths on pelvic floor therapy.

- They share their stories that led them to pelvic floor work.

- They talk about "what's actually normal" and symptoms that could lead to needing pelvic floor help.

- Jenn shares ways to help prevent prolapse and how to holistically take care of it.  AND MORE!

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"What do chronic back pain, difficulties bending over and picking up your children, downward pressure, urgent need to urinate or leaking urine when you sneeze or exercise have in common?

They are all possible symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

In this episode we talk serious pelvic floor business, bust some myths, share preventions, healing methodologies, and have a few light-hearted laughs.

Jenn and Christina are so welcoming and eager to help. They share countless free tips and information on their YouTube and Instagram channels, along with their weekly uplifting emails, you constantly feel supported in your journey to heal." 

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"Are you suffering? Maybe in silence? Any kind of pelvic floor dysfunction can feel lonely or even shameful, especially if it is also affecting your intimacy.

This week on the Wholly a Woman podcast, I interview Christina Walsh, Physical Therapist and co-founder of Tighten Your Tinkler (@tighten.your.tinkler). 

Christina tells us things like what is normal and what is not when it comes to the pelvic floor, different causes for pain, and what you can do to alleviate and prevent pain.  And guess what, the answer is NOT kegels.  

This is a message of HOPE!  If there is a cause for your discomfort, then there is also a solution.  Tune in to this conversation and I know you will learn something!

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"Do you have friends who will have wildly uncomfortable conversations with you?⁠

If not, I have good news. My guests today, Jenn Lormand and Christina Walsh, otherwise known as the Tighten Your Tinkler girls are here to help us understand our nether regions.

They are the friends you want when you’re trying to figure out if peeing while sneezing or coughing is normal (PS no, it’s common but not normal) or how to pull an all-nighter. ⁠

And by "all-nighter" I mean go all night without using the restroom."

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"What do we need to know about supporting and healing the pelvic floor?  Is it super complex?

This week, we’re speaking with Christina, one of the creators and trainers of Tighten Your Tinkler. Christina and her business partner Jenn are a Physical Therapist and Exercise Physiologist duo who are dedicated to helping mothers heal their pelvic floors in a way that keeps physiology in mind.

The name is funny, but the results are serious!  I’ve personally been through their program and I’m currently incorporating their exercises into my daily life, and I absolutely love what they’re doing."

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"Having a weak pelvic floor may be affecting your life, your marriage, and your ability to feel comfortable and confident in your body.  Here are some of the topics we explore today:

*How you can feel broken when things “down there” aren’t functioning like they should (or aren’t reliable!)

*How hip pain, back pain, neck pain, bunions and posture issues can all connect with a weak pelvic floor!

*We define prolapse–a condition that affects many women and comes in numbered stages.

*Jenn assures Heather that peeing when you cough, sneeze, or while exercising isn’t a normal and necessary part of aging–and that there is a way to stop it without surgery!"

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"I’m so grateful that I got to speak with Jenn about her own experiences and the really fascinating approach/protocol that she and business partner Christina Walsh have developed.

Initially, I giggled when I saw the name “Tighten Your Tinkler” but it got my attention and I think, for many Catholic women who are mothers, this podcast episode will resonate. As with miscarriages, it seems that you don’t realize how common pelvic floor issues are until you say “yes, I’ve had (or am having) those too.” As you’ll hear in this episode, the issues can range from mild to severe, but there is hope no matter which end of the spectrum you may be on!"

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"Jenn of Tighten Your Tinkler joins us to talk about the pelvic floor and how pelvic floor dysfunction is something that is common, but not normal. I repeat, NOT NORMAL. If you're seeing signs of pelvic floor dysfunction, that's something you need to start looking into so that it doesn't become a bigger issue later in life.

Personal disclaimer: I signed up for their Signature Program and I cannnot sing its praises enough. I loved the program and it helped with my personal symptoms I was seeing after 2 children. I highly encourage all of you to check out the Tighten Your Tinkler program and consider signing up!"

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"Get ready for the most laughs you have ever encountered in a conversation about pelvic floor health.

Plus, did you know your back and hip pain may be due to your pelvic floor?

Many women experience tightness and discomfort in their back, groin, and hips after childbirth. Seeking help, they turn to their doctor - only to be told it is a mild case of some orthopedic issue or that their x-rays look good. But then their pelvic floor and core continue to get weaker, and pain prevents these women from exercising, enjoying intimacy, and living their fullest life. And, even though you may be in your 40s, 50s or beyond, you may still be experiencing the side effects from this.

Nothing is off limits in this conversation!"

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"Jenn Lormand, Exercise Physiologist, is cofounder of Tighten Your Tinkler. 

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Jenn's personal body image story- the effect of her environments and the restrictive place around food it led to

  • Her healing journey from traumatic birth deliveries and pelvic organ prolapse diagnosis

  • Signs of pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Connection between eating disorders, self image, and pelvic floor health"

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"They help moms jump for joy without peeing your pants!  LOL  They have been helping moms heal and feel better in their bodies again for a combined 36 years of experience.  The ladies who work with them call them “The Dream Team.”  They really focus on helping women, giving them the tools and guidance so they can feel themselves again. "

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"You’re a WHOLE person first. Plain and simple. You’re ambitious, an achiever, have a successful career, run a business, are a mom, a wife, lead a team, (insert ALL of the roles you fill here),,, AND you have to take care of your health if you want to sustain all of the things that are important to you.

There are women’s health issues that aren’t talked about enough and when they are, you’re not always getting the whole picture, or the relief you need in order to go live the life you’re meant to lead. "

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"Yes, we’re going there. It’s all about bladder control, painful intercourse and a “droopy bootie” in this week’s podcast. If you have any pelvic problems AT ALL - including constant tightness in your hips and back - you’ll want to take a listen. There’s a non-invasive solution that can get your lady business back to normal. I love when we can find more holistic approaches to health that don’t involve extremes! My guest experts are going to tell you all about it and it doesn’t involve kegels (which they don’t recommend)."

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"In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by the two founders of Tighten your Tinkler, Jenn Lormand (Exercise Physiologist) and Christina Walsh (Physical Therapist). 

Tune in for an interview with Dr. Alex where they will explain how most pelvic problems can be overcome by strengthening the muscles in the area to work as a cohesive team.  You will also learn how supporting pelvic floor health will be life-changing!"

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"Millions of women struggle with stress incontinence, pelvic floor weakening, prolapse, diastasis recti and back and hip pain.  What if that didn’t have to be a “normal” part of aging as a woman?

This week Christina and Jenn of Tighter Your Tinkler join me and we talk about how too many women are stuck in a cycle of embarrassing and painful problems because no one is helping them get to the root cause of these issues.

They share 3 powerful tips that you can implement RIGHT now to begin to see changes in your life."

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"Aging and motherhood are beautiful in their own right. But sometimes things in your "nether-regions" are not like they used to be, especially after having kids. Joining me today is Exercise Physiologist, Jenn Lormand, as we explore breakthroughs in women's health and pelvic floor function. Gone are the antiquated days of endless kegels, and hello to holistic and research-based solutions to restore bladder and pelvic dysfunction and reignite intimacy and dignity."

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"In this episode, Christina Walsh from Tighten Your Tinkler shares how to heal your body after having children, no matter how much time has passed.  

You'll love this episode because she shares:

  • How to tighten your vagina without using kegels.
  • The optimal time to take care of your body.
  • The myths around healing your body, and the steps you can take TODAY to start to heal."
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"Today on the show we talk to Jenn and Christina from Tighten Your Tinkler.

These Mom Entrepreneurs are here to talk about how the women's healthcare system is failing us. They have a proven solution (I personally am living proof) for back and hip pain, weak core issues, along with prolapse, urgency, and pain with intimacy.

We also talk about their lessons learned and get their advice on business partnerships, being a serial entrepreneur, and best practices for how to "balance" it all."

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"Over 52 million women deal with an embarrassing issue: PEE leaks… when we sneeze, when we laugh, when we exercise.  There is no shame in this because it is SO COMMON. But we aren’t talking about the FIX for this enough! You do not always need to turn to medications, surgery or KEGELS.

Today on listen up I interview Pelvic Floor Experts Jenn and Christina on what causes this, how to prevent and reverse it, and why they are “anti Kegel

Learn what you can do other than Kegels to help with this issue, where the idea came from, & why so many women suffer from this."

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