Our Story

We are Jenn and Christina (or as our clients call us, "The Dynamic Duo" / "The Dream Team")!  We found each other initially at a point of vulnerability.  Jenn had given birth to her 3rd child and was desperate for healing and relief.  She had a very large separation of her abs, with all the debilitating low back pain to go along with it.  Her pelvic floor muscles were weak, and, in her own words, to top it all off.... her vagina was "falling out."

Jenn found Christina (a Physical Therapist) in her search for relief.  After getting off of Christina's treatment table for the first time, Jenn knew she had found a powerful way to help get herself and her clients (moms) better results.  She immediately invited Christina to open up shop in her personal training studio. 

Fast forward another year of practicing together and Christina gave birth to her first child.  Despite a non-traumatic birth experience, she still needed help to deal with back and hip tightness and pelvic floor pressure.  Jenn (an Exercise Physiologist) had been rehabilitating moms for years already, so naturally Christina turned to her for help.    

The next steps happened organically and purposefully - through our own journey to find continued healing for ourselves and our clients, we put together a new and unique protocol.  We knew it was working for us and for our clients, but being the 'why' girls we are, we felt compelled to research-validate the results we were getting.  We partnered with a professor, spent 2 years conducting the study, and the results were better than we even hoped for.     

We have BIG dreams of getting this life-changing program out there to all the women who need it.  

Maybe you've been scared to reach out for help because your symptoms are personal.  Maybe you've already asked your doctor, but they told you your symptoms are 'normal' because you had a baby.  Maybe you've tried other treatments on your own like kegels, vaginal devices, or even Women's Health Physical Therapy and you found that things didn't get better or even made your symptoms worse.  We promise you are NOT alone, and we also promise there is HOPE!    

We know that if you've been dealing with these symptoms you might be feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.  We've been there, and we've coached hundreds of women in the same boat.  

And we're ready to coach you to take back control of your body again.

Jenn Lormand

Owner of Ascension Fitness, Exercise Physiologist, and researcher I have been working in the fitness industry since 1995 while pursuing my degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Orleans. I have worked in many facets of fitness from Kids’ fitness, Pilates, TRX, Sports Performance to Corporate Wellness. I found my passion of working with women after trying to recover from my first 2 deliveries that were only 16 months apart.  During that time I wrote a book called mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life – 8 week Body Back Plan for new moms.  That book helped many moms drop 2 sizes post birth and also address some of the pelvic floor dysfunction as well as close their DR (ab separation).  It was my 3rd pregnancy and delivery at 36 (8 years after my second delivery) that really changed everything and led me down a path of self discovery and ultimately creating the exercise protocol for the Tighten Your Tinkler Pelvic Recovery Program.

I consider myself movement strategist and biomechanics geek.  Nothing satisfies the geek in me more, than watching people and their ‘normal’ movement patterns and diving into the root causes of their movement dysfunction. 

Outside of work I love traveling with my husband Greg and our 3 boys Chase, Collin and Cooper. I also enjoy reading, cooking, watching football, and being crafty when I have the time.

Christina Walsh

Physical Therapist, owner of Hands On Therapy, and mom of 2

I am a licensed Physical Therapist with a deep passion for my specialty fields, Integrative Manual Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy.  Afterall, it was this type of treatment that got me past the pain from my own whiplash injury in 2008.  The hands-on techniques I use are very gentle yet effective.  I am so grateful to be able to help others to live with less pain and find their happiest, healthiest selves!

I am also a wife and mother.  My husband Thomas is self-employed doing professional audio for radio, podcasts, music, and film.  We have a daughter named Leah who was born in July of 2015 and a son named Curran born in February 2018. 


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