You know you want to be proactive when it comes to your own healing after baby comes.  

But you're too overwhelmed with preparing to give birth and take care of a newborn to figure out exactly what that means - or how to do it.

Plus you're still currently trying to figure out how to take care of your ever-changing body NOW - DURING pregnancy.

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You’ve spent hours (probably more like days or weeks) researching birth plans, learning about your delivery options, and getting your baby registry together 
– but along the way it's been hard to squeeze in preparing to take care of YOU after birth also. 


Maybe you always knew being proactive about your postpartum care was important to you, but you were unprepared for it to feel so hard to fit that in next to all the other items on your list at this busy time. 

Imagine having a holistic resource tailored to your 4th trimester needs, one that shows you how to take care of your body & pelvic floor in the midst of everything else you're doing.

Show me!


How to properly support YOUR body while feeding baby.


Which rest positions help your organs move back to their pre-pregnancy spots.



What to consider (and DO) when you’re ready to explore sex again.


You want to learn the proactive steps you can take to keep yourself & your own healing on your list during the busy 4th trimester. 

You'd like to go into this feeling empowered to gently guide your postpartum healing journey in the direction you'd like it to go.

^aka NO accidental steps that could make things worse in the long run.


Oh, and a list of recommended holistic products to support all this would be nice too!

What real moms are saying

This is going to be SO HELPFUL for new moms!

Each section (of the PDF) was a great length - a mom could easily read a section or two at a time. Each video was a good length, too.

I really appreciated the focus on gently taking care of Mama for the sake of Mama, that came through clearly from the beginning.

⅓ of women experience pelvic floor problems post-pregnancy: whether that means pee leaks, prolapse, or pain, these issues are COMMON but NOT normal.



But there are things you can do during the postpartum period to help decrease your chances of becoming part of this statistic.


Helen, 2023

"Oh how I wish I had this after childbirth! I was very impressed with how much information you share that is never told to new moms."


 Healing From Home
by Tighten Your Tinkler

A collection of holistic resources to help women proactively take care of themselves postpartum.

Packed with practical tips in bite-sized portions, Healing From Home was created with new moms in mind.

The digital guide will walk you through recovery tips (delivery specific), holistic practices, and at-home assessments, with the video library available to show you exactly how to implement them.

You can skim the parts you need now and save the rest for later (even if that later is months from now when a question about diastasis recti comes up - you’ve got access for life).

Put simply: Healing From Home is the thing we WISH we had, filled with the information we WISH we knew….accessible on your phone. 

Many women find us already years postpartum because they are dealing with pelvic floor issues like pee leaks, pressure, or pain with sex.  While we're honored to help them heal from these issues through our Signature Program, we wish we could give them those years back.

That's why Healing From Home was created - to help holistic moms be more proactive with their healing from birth.

That’s ultimately why we created Healing From Home: to empower new moms with resources that allow them to advocate for their own healing in the tender postpartum stage.

Our mission is to help women feel seen, heard, and cared for. And we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Having these resources in your back pocket could save years of frustration, $$$, and pain.

Recovery Tools

What to do (and buy) to help your pelvic floor to heal, specific to the kind of birth you had.

Babyfeeding Ergonomics

Breast or bottle, you're going to spend a lot of time in these positions. Prevent pain, neck protrusion, and the dreaded hump.

Self Assessments

Save time and stress: check yourself for a DR and pubic joint alignment.

Pelvic Floor Status Check

Get a better idea of how you're actually doing (and what to do next if things aren't good)

You’ll also find important mindset tools, our intimacy guide, and information on prolapse (including what a proper examination for prolapse looks like).

It sounds like a lot – because it is – but you can approach this buffet style, taking a helping of what you need most and going back for something else later. 

Watch the 6-minute video on Postnatal Stretching during your next feeding session, or print the “6 Week Appointment” pages before heading to see your OB/midwife. If your diastasis recti self-check reveals you’re dealing with a DR, watch the 4-minute video on how to close your abs during the next diaper change.

You won’t use it all (because we designed it that way). But you’ll find everything you need, all in one place from a source you can trust (PLEASE don’t believe everything you hear about perineums on TikTok!).

This stuff matters. How completely (or incompletely) you heal is going to impact the way you show up for the rest of your life, for the rest of your time with your children.

Do it now. Learn the proactive steps you can take now, so that you hopefully won't need our Signature Program in the future to fix problems like pee leaks, pressure, and pain with sex.

How does it work?
Here's the Process:

Step 1

Click the “Get Started” button anywhere on this page and BOOM: in just a few minutes you’ll get your login details to access Healing From Home.

Step 2

Open it up: flip through the Video Library and skim the Guide’s Table of Contents. Make a mental note of what you need and dive in during your next 5-minute pocket of time.

Step 3:

A few days from now: you’re feeling like a total pro, feeling confident that you have the resources you need to truly take care of yourself in the tender 4th trimester.

Let’s take this part of the postpartum prep off your list.



“Each video is a good length. I appreciate starting with the baby feeding ergonomics because you spend so much of the day in that position, and it feels like something I can do to take care of myself right away, without needing an appointment or referral.”

  • Self assessments: how to check for (and close) a DR (equivalent to at least one PT appointment: $150-300)
  • Breastfeeding ergonomics + stretches (equivalent to a session with a Lactation Consultant and another PT: $75-150)
  • Pelvic floor status check (be fully prepared to advocate for yourself at your postpartum visit)
  • Stretching and decompression positions (help alleviate common postpartum discomforts)

The 4th trimester can be an overwhelming time while learning how to take care of a new baby and yourself at the same time.  Leaning on these resources can make this time less stressful and allow you to soak in all the special moments with your newborn. 

I'm in!

We're the Tinkler Ladies.

We're Jenn (right), Exercise Physiologist, and Christina (left), Physical Therapist. Between the 2 of us, we've been through 5 different birth experiences - and recoveries - including vaginal births (with and without medical interventions), C-sections, sunnyside up deliveries, vulvar varicosities, pelvic floor issues, and prolapse.  And we've helped hundreds of women who've dealt with pelvic floor problems and prolapse to heal and regain their strength and function again through our in-person clinical experience and then through our online Signature Program since 2019. 

Almost every woman we've worked with in the Signature Program said, "I wish I'd known sooner how to proactively take care of myself and advocate for myself in the postpartum period."

This is how the Healing From Home resource was created.  Because we believe that every woman deserves to feel seen, heard, cared for, and supported.

We hope having this holistic collection of resources makes all the difference for you in your postpartum journey.

Jenn & Christina

Healing From Home


Get instant access to your resources - video library + digital guide.

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What's the real cost of all this?

Yup, you could keep googling “should you do kegels after birth” or “how long should I be bleeding?” and sorting through the plethora of ‘internet experts’.

You could also wait for an appointment or referral to find out what you should be doing (+ hope insurance covers the visit + it’s legit helpful). 

Or you could:

  • Spend 10 minutes/day - starting now - proactively learning how to properly take care of yourself after baby comes.
  • Reduce the overwhelm during this precious time knowing you have a bank of resources to rely on.

  • Take control of your recovery: confidently assess where you are and grab the tools you need most, now.

     Let’s get you prepared to take care of YOU. 

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